friends_phil_lower_right best_friend_-_middle french_girls soldiers_and_girls phil_postwar phil_and_romana_-_picnic
Friends Phil Lower Right.jpg Best Friend - Middle.jpg French Girls.jpg Soldiers and Girls.jpg Phil Postwar.jpg Phil and Romana - Picnic.JPG
picnic pierre pierre_pierrette_and_claire crowd_1 crowd_2 crowd_3
Picnic.JPG Pierre.JPG Pierre Pierrette and Claire.JPG Crowd 1.JPG Crowd 2.JPG Crowd 3.JPG
crowd_4 lines grandstand military_dignitaries phil_and_romana_-_flags phil_and_romana_-_front_row
Crowd 4.JPG Lines.JPG Grandstand.JPG Military Dignitaries.JPG Phil and Romana - Flags.JPG Phil and Romana - Front Row.JPG
lunch speaker_and_color_guard phil_and_gen._myers c-17 paratroopers_leaving_c-17 lots_of_paratroopers
Lunch.JPG Speaker and Color Guard.JPG Phil and Gen. Myers.JPG C-17.JPG Paratroopers Leaving C-17.JPG Lots of Paratroopers.JPG
paratroopers_descending paratroopers_near_ground paratroopers french_air_team memorial_plaque memorial_wreaths
Paratroopers Descending.JPG Paratroopers Near Ground.JPG Paratroopers.JPG French Air Team.JPG Memorial Plaque.JPG Memorial Wreaths.JPG
normandy_craters_1 normandy_craters_2 normandy_craters_3 phil_and_romana phil_-_utah_beach_sign on_utah_beach
Normandy Craters 1.JPG Normandy Craters 2.JPG Normandy Craters 3.JPG Phil and Romana.JPG Phil - Utah Beach Sign.JPG On Utah Beach.JPG
phil_-_fortification phil_-_inside_bunker phil_-_outside_bunker phil_in_front_of_artillery _tank normandy_landscape_1
Phil - Fortification.JPG Phil - Inside Bunker.JPG Phil - Outside Bunker.JPG Phil In Front Of Artillery.JPG Tank.JPG Normandy Landscape 1.JPG
normandy_sunset iron_mike_statue statue_and_landscape pilots dinner_with_pilots st._mere_elise_60th_sign
Normandy Sunset.JPG Iron Mike Statue.JPG Statue and Landscape.JPG Pilots.JPG Dinner With Pilots.JPG St. Mere Elise 60th Sign.JPG
phil_and_pierre today_s_soldiers airborne_singers airborne_vets_dinner church_and_stage_1 church_at_night
Phil and Pierre.JPG Today's Soldiers.JPG Airborne Singers.JPG Airborne Vets Dinner.JPG Church and Stage 1.JPG Church at Night.JPG
dear_veteran coin_1 coin_2 normandy_2004_pin
Dear Veteran.jpg Coin 1.jpg Coin 2.jpg Normandy 2004 Pin.jpg